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Woodstock Performing Arts Center

Woodstock Performing Arts Center

 Woodstock Performing Arts Center (at Woodstock North High School)

The Woodstock Performing Arts Center is a District 200 asset that provides a fertile learning environment for students in the performing and technical arts. Consequently, when you rent our space you are helping to support the continuing development of our young citizens as they prepare for college.

The Woodstock Performing Arts Center was designed to serve a multitude of presentation needs. A beautiful wood crafted orchestra shell gives elegance to any formal concert. The shell is easily removed for more theatrical expressions.

As do most school districts when it comes to facility rental costs, we use a three-tiered system.

  • Class A: Groups Serving D200 Students
  • Class B: Groups Providing Community Service Within D200 Boundaries
  • Class C: Commercial

We offer various technical packages that are designed to meet your specific needs

Audio & lighting control panels Audio & lighting control panels
Audio - Equipment and Operation     Lighting - Design and Operation
Stage Management House Management  
Box Office Management Information on pricing and services is available below.


Inside the Performing Arts Center

  • 585 Seating Capacity + Special Needs
  • State-of-the-Art Sound Design
  • 122 Production Lighting Instruments
  • Programmable Lighting Console
  • Video & Graphic Front Projection
  • Ample & Convenient Parking
  • Stunning Formal Orchestra Shell
  • Professional Technical Support
  • 2 Dressing Rooms with Adjoining Make-up Room

Meetings or Events

  • We provide you with ­flexible media capabilities allowing you to run graphic and video presentations from your laptop on stage or from the control booth.
  • Our Theatrical lighting is designed to light specific areas of the stage.
  • Our Orchestra shell lighting creates a bright and vibrant look for your formal concert.
  • For those who bring their own dimmers or sound we offer 400 and 200 amp company switch.
  • Catwalks provide easy access for lighting and rigging.

           Performing Arts Center stage  Stage diagram Performing Arts Center

 Upper Level Seating Diagram               Lower Level Seating Diagram

                  Upper Level Seating                                                                                           Lower Level Seating

If you are interested in using the Performing Arts Center please see the following:

Rules Governing the Use of School Facilities
Rental Classifications and Rates
Application for Use of the D200 Performing Arts Center

For more information please contact:

The Woodstock Performing Arts Center
Sue Lewis, PAC Manager/Technical Director
Tish Lyon, Drama Director
WoodstockNorth High School
3000 Raffel Road
Woodstock, IL 60098


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