Woodstock North High School


Participation in extracurricular activities enables a student to develop leadership qualities, make new friends, learn leisure time activities, pursue special interests, and just have fun!  Following is a representative list, along with the 2015-2016 school year sponsor(s), of the various activities presented to the student body on an annual basis.

Every student is encouraged to select one or more of the activities in which to actively participate.  However, since the primary purpose of high school is to promote scholastic achievement, a student is advised to select activities wisely and to budget his/her time effectively.  There are activities that provide for (1) an extension of interest aroused in the classroom, (2) an opportunity to develop special interests and abilities, and (3) social and service activities in the school and community.  Some of the possible activities are:

Art Club -                                                                     Mike Wargaski

The Art Club provides fellowship and planned activities for art students.  However, any interested Woodstock North High School student is welcome to join. Activities may include, working with materials not used in the classroom, helping with exhibits, and a field trip to a gallery, art museum, or art event.

Best Buddies -                                                       Elizabeth Roberts

Best Buddies ® is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships and leadership development for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).  This group participates in fundraising and friendship activities with students who want to make the school and the world a better place with interaction between students who otherwise would not work together during the normal school day.

Choir -                                                                              Megan Kim   

This is a co-ed group performing various music styles, meters and rhythms with an ultimate goal to provide entertainment to the community and civic groups in addition to school activities and functions.  This activity is open to students by audition.  Note:  A $70.00 fee is required to participate.


Class of 2016 -                                                              Mary Blietz & Kari Aldridge
This is the Senior Class. Get involved with the Senior Class to help plan our upcoming graduation ceremony and many other senior activities. Events include the Homecoming festivities (window painting, bleacher decorating and banner making) and discussions on the gift our class will leave to North as a remembrance of the Class of 2016!

Class of 2017 -                                                             Carol Bochat & Kim Buchanan
This is the Junior Class.  Get involved with the Junior Class to help plan PROM, which includes selecting a location, choosing a theme, decorating the hall, deciding what colors and party favors to provide. Other activities include the Homecoming festivities (window painting, bleacher decorating and banner making) and fun-filled fundraising events.


Class of 2018 -                                                              Amanda Harmer & Jessica Telander
This is the Sophomore Class.  Get involved with the Sophomore Class to participate in the Homecoming festivities (window painting, hall decorating, float building)and fun-filled fundraising events.

Class of 2019 –                                                             Nadine Grismer & Maria Sandall
This is the Freshmen Class.  Get involved with the Freshmen Class to participate in the Homecoming festivities (window painting, hall decorating, float building)and fun-filled fundraising events.


Concert Band –                                                            Bill Simpson

This is a co-ed group performing various music styles, meters and rhythms with an ultimate goal to provide entertainment to the community and civic groups in addition to school activities and functions.  This activity is open to students by audition.  Note:  A $70.00 fee is required to participate.


Drama -                                                                        Letitia Lyons

Its primary purpose is to produce the season of three plays: a comedy, a drama and a musical.  Additionally, getting involved in drama provides social and educational opportunities in the theatre.  Note:  A $50.00 fee per season for all participants is required.


French Club -                                                               Andrea Isabelli
Le Cercle Français, the French Club, is open to all French students. The French Club sponsors many exciting events throughout the year.  We show movies in French periodically. We participate in National French Week Activities in November and several other activities dealing with French cuisine (making crêpes!) and culture.  We also go on field trips such as the Aventure Française, which is a weekend of immersion in French, and lunch or dinner at a French restaurant. We participate in Globalfest, which is a celebration of languages held in Bloomington-Normal. We have monthly meetings and also have personalized t-shirts. We also give back to the community. We participate in the Friends of the Library event in December and we carol at Hearthstone Manor. The activities are only limited by its members. Allez, viens!


German Club -                                                             Anthony Keisling

Die deutsche Mannschaft, the German club, provides all German students with opportunities to learn about Germanic cultures outside of the classroom.  Die deutsche Mannschaft combines with the German Honor Society, Delta Epsilon Phi, to sponsor activities that highlight the cultures of German speaking countries.  We celebrate Oktoberfest with a cookout during lunch hours.  At Christmas we dine on KALTE PLATTE while viewing videos of Christmas celebrations in Germany and listening to Christmas carols.  We also sponsor activities outside of school.  At Christmas, we travel to Chicago’s Daley Plaza to visit Chicago’s Christkinklmarkt.

Green Club –                                                               Camden Harlan
The Green Club is an organization of ecologically-minded citizens who have a passion for stimulating student and community awareness of environmental responsibilities. The Green Club is involved with activities within the school, building grounds, and the local community. The Green Club meets on a regular basis and is involved in Earth Day activities, the Woodstock North garden, and promoting waste reduction, energy efficiency, and water conservation.


Key Club -                                                                    Patricia Baltes  & Amanda Harmer                                           

Key Club is the world’s largest service organization for high school students. It is well recognized by colleges and universities around the world.  Key Club provides students with an opportunity to serve others in their school, community and beyond. It is a student run organization that gives students the opportunity to develop leadership skills while serving others. Students can be elected to offices at the school, district, or international level.  Students plan and carry out service activities that match their interests and the needs of the community.  There are many projects throughout the year.  We provide volunteer service and fundraising money to organizations such as the March of Dimes, UNICEF, Red Cross, American Cancer Society, PADS, hospitals, care centers, libraries and much more.  Join Key Club and make a real difference in your life and in the lives of others.  The motto of Key Club is “Caring – Our Way of Life” so come and be a part of this great club!


Math Team -                                                                Carol Koltz  & Bernard Schmit

The Math Team is made up of students from all grade levels who take part in local and regional math contests.  Preparation for the competitions begins in early December.  The contests are held second semester from January to April.  Note:  A $60.00 fee is required to participate.


Newspaper –                                                               Brad Fennessy

The students on the Newspaper staff plan, write, and design the school's newspaper.  All members of the staff are assigned major roles of responsibility in the production of the newspaper.  A student may be a member of the School Newspaper staff during their sophomore, junior, and senior years.

National Honor Society -                                              Chris Rose

The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students.  The Woodstock North High School NHS chapter is an invitation-only, co-curricular organization with three primary goals.  The first is to provide national recognition to those Woodstock North High School students who have met the stringent induction requirements of the National Honor Society.  The second is to promote the importance of scholarship, leadership, service, and character as traits essential to every citizen in a democratic society.  The third is to provide additional leadership opportunities through continuing service to both school and community.


The Woodstock North students who are invited to join the National Honor Society have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, character, and service.  While acceptance into the National Honor Society is considered to be one of the highest honors bestowed upon a high school student, there are significant responsibilities attached to that membership.  While continuing to maintain the highest levels of scholarship, leadership, and character, membership in NHS carries responsibilities to the local chapter.  These responsibilities include regular attendance at chapter meetings and participation in chapter activities which include opportunities for service to both the school and the community.


S.A.D.D. - Students Against Destructive Decisions       Margo Jacob   & Cindy Ridley

SADD, the nation’s leading peer-to-peer youth education, prevention, and activism organization, is committed to empowering young people to lead initiatives in their schools and communities. Founded in 1981, today SADD has thousands of chapters in middle schools, high schools, and colleges. SADD highlights prevention of many destructive behaviors and attitudes that are harmful to young people, including underage drinking, substance abuse, risky and impaired driving, and teen violence and suicide. IL SADD is part of the Student Assistance Center at Prevention First, more information about SADD can be found at www.ilsadd.org (http://www.ilsadd.org/) or www.prevention.org (http://www.prevention.org/)


Snow Club –                                                                Lisa Terry

WoodstockNorth High School and Woodstock High School, in conjunction with Alpine Valley, will be offering the opportunity for students to participate in the Woodstock Snow Club ski/snowboard outings.  There will be six club trips taking place during evening sessions and these trips are open to family members who would like to come along.  The discount student program allows participants to ski/board for as little as $15!


Student Council -                                                         Jennifer Rooney &> William Weber

The Student Council consists of student representatives and an executive board.  This student organization promotes various activities to contribute to student welfare and to be of service to our community.  In addition, Student Council members gain an understanding of the democratic method of governing and valuable experience in leadership.  Student Council members help organize many important events at WNHS including, but not limited to – Homecoming Week, Winter Spirit Week, fundraisers, blood drives, and a senior scholarship award.


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